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Top 15 tools related to DNS

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A list of various DNS (Domain Name System) tools that serve different purposes:

  1. nslookup: A command-line tool available on most operating systems for querying DNS to obtain domain name or IP address information.

  2. dig (Domain Information Groper): Another command-line tool for querying DNS servers, providing more detailed information than nslookup.

  3. host: A command-line utility for performing DNS lookups. It is available on Unix-like operating systems.

  4. whois: A tool for querying information about domain registration, including details about the domain owner, registrar, and name servers.

  5. DNSstuff: An online service that offers a suite of DNS-related tools, including DNS lookup, WHOIS lookup, DNS traversal, and more.

  6. MXToolBox: An online platform providing various DNS and network-related tools, including DNS lookup, MX lookup, SPF lookup, and Blacklist check.

  7. IntoDNS: A web-based tool that checks the health of a domain's DNS configuration, providing recommendations for improvements.

  8. Wireshark: A network protocol analyzer that can capture and display the data traveling back and forth on a network, including DNS requests and responses.

  9. tcpdump: A command-line packet analyzer that allows the user to display TCP, UDP, and other packets being transmitted or received over a network.

  10. Google Public DNS: A free, public DNS service provided by Google, offering features like security, speed, and reliability. You can use it as an alternative DNS server.

  11. OpenDNS: Another public DNS service that provides features like content filtering, security, and threat protection.

  12. BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Domain): A widely used open-source DNS server software. It is often used to host authoritative DNS zones and caching recursive DNS.

  13. Unbound: A validating, recursive, and caching DNS resolver designed for high performance.

  14. PowerDNS: An open-source DNS server software that can be used as an authoritative, resolving, or a combination of both.

  15. Dnsmasq: A lightweight DNS forwarder and DHCP server for small networks.