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Introduction Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) have become an integral part of modern software development. They enable communication between different software components, simplify the

CWEs every pentester should know

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50 CWE's every ethical hacker should know, which ones did I miss? Add your own in the comments! https://thexssrat.podia.com/ethical-hacking-guide-a-z?coupon=90OFF CWE -20: Improper Input

Uncle Rat's XSS Content

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Written https://labs.hackxpert.com/blog/XSS/ https://labs.hackxpert.com/blog/XSS/XSS%200ad0878f33094ea6b8ac90e94c2b0dc2/XSS%20Cheat%20sheet%205c643ce56d1e4ed9871fdd909ded017e.html
Introduction Ensuring the security and integrity of modern applications requires a multi-faceted approach. In addition to securing data and enforcing access controls, developers must also focus on